Cost-reduced NTT in Switzerland

It’s worth buying in Switzerland because you will benefit from a comprehensive service included in the price:
- NOVA Trim Tuning ‐ voucher for a cost-reduced performance and safety service after 15 to 20 flying hours or one year
‐ A completed NTT extends the equipment and workmanship guarantee to 4 years
‐ After a completed NTT your wing only needs its first complete check after 3 years
‐ Includes NOVA-Protect comprehensive insurance for the first year
- Express Repair Service, priority treatment as well as preferential terms, Check and Repair work
- Transfer of customs and dispatch with NOVA Protect (with insurance cover if the wing has to go to NOVA Austria/Hungary)
- Free replacement wing for a long repair (from your dealer (bei deinem Fachhändler)
- Special terms on the complete selection of NOVA accessories (under construction)Conditions for the all-inclusive package deal:
- Purchase from the official Swiss NOVA dealer network
- Product registered on: (myNOVA). General NOVA business and guarantee conditions apply

Wings excluded from this all-inclusive package:
- Wings obtained directly i.e. Parallel imports
- Used wings obtained directly i.e. Parallel imports

Tune your wing for a cost-reduced price
You want to have a Trim Tuning done? Please contact a NOVA authorized service partner from the list below.

Gruyere Parapente Gruyère Parapente
Route de l’aérodrome 3
1663 Epagny
+41 79 379 28 17
Registration form
High Adventure High Adventure AG
Wiesenbergstrasse 10
6383 Dallenwil
+41 41 628 01 30
Registration form
Robair Robair Gleitschirmschule
Feldbach 7 – Hangar 13
8753 Mollis
T+41 55 616 50 22
timetofly GmbH
Schriberystrasse 11
3778 Schönried
+41 76 470 10 10