Repacking reserves

To ensure that your reserve opens reliably it should be aired and repacked every 6 months. In addition, immediate repacking is necessary if a reserve gets damp or wet. A basic check should be carried out by the manufacturer every two years, at the least, and also after a test or emergency throwing, or if physical damage is suspected – bearing in mind that the reserve fabric can be damaged even in normal, non-throwing use. Among other things the whole reserve canopy is checked, and possible defects corrected.

Who will be packing your reserve?

All reserves maintained by us are handled exclusively by our qualified staff.

Our team is made up of:

SHV reserve packers & DHV certified maintenance staff
SHV reserve packing experts

Our staff regularly attend SHV continuation training sessions.

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If you book in your reserve in advance we can plan the necessary time required in our calendar; so you will get it back sooner.