Travel Slovenia
22-29. Juni 2024

The Soca Valley – a paragliding paradise in Slovenia surrounded by alpine mountains and mediterranean flair, which has a lot to offer for both cross-country and hobby pilots.
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Travel Hungary
14 – 21 Juli 2024

Hungary is definitely not one of the typical paragliding destinations, as the country is more like a huge landing field… Nevertheless, Hungary has enormous potential for unforgettable flights – for example over the rooftops of Budapest or XC flights over the almost endless expanse of the Hungarian plains.
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Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina
8-15 September 2024

Flugreise Bosnien

Something new, nothing normal and a little out of the ordinary….
Our journey begins and ends in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sarajevo became famous for the 1984 Winter Olympics (Yugoslavia at that time) and again for the long siege of 1425 days during the Yugoslav war. From the capital, we travel through the still relatively unknown Herzegovina.
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