Rail-Check – new Laser line measuring system

for even more accurate line length measurement
Rail-Check enables High Adventure and NOVA to set new standards in paraglider checking. Routine Laser measuring and PC-controlled trimming of paraglider lines have been a NOVA standard for years. No safety-conscious pilot today wants to miss out on this quality control must.
All the checking work and trimming adjustment carried out is centrally stored on a Server. By using this “Computerised Online Service” (COS) authorised NOVA checking workshops can, at any time, call up the exact condition (and all work carried out) on a paraglider at its last check. Alterations in the wing, particularly trim changes, can then be better assessed, making the check more efficient and accurate. In addition every pilot, with personal password-protected access, can read the test report of his glider online via the COS databank. High Adventure’s Rail-Check has developed a new standard of measurement accuracy. It allows the flying qualities of a paraglider to be checked and corrected more accurately, efficiently and safely over its whole flying career – internationally. The basis of paraglider trimming is the measurement of its line lengths between canopy and riser loops. Previously, the consistency and accuracy of this work was a function of the checker’s personal touch. A certain leeway and individual workshop style couldn’t be discounted. Rail-Check is a distinct improvement. Each line level
Rail-Check - Laser line measuring system
is tensioned to its working length over a fixed base-rail and measured according to standardised load/time-requirements.

What can Rail-Check do?

– Precision measuring
Laser, calibration and testing techniques are always clearly defined constants. Errors due to faulty set up or operator manipulation become a thing of the past. Controlled line loading: Each individual line is measured under 5kg load within fractions of a second, and the result sent via Bluetooth to the computer – no wrong data through overlong load build up (too much stretch).

– Time saving
The Laser doesn’t have to be calibrated by hand. Half the time of the previous method is saved.

– Adaptable
The system works for various Bluetooth Laser/PC interfaces and is available as a left or right handed version. Rail-Check adapts to the workplace and the particular measuring system in use.

Great improvement on the checking procedure 
We are convinced that Rail-Check and the COMPUTERIZED ONLINE SERVICE (COS) represent a decided advantage for our customers. Correctly adjusted trimming is guaranteed, thus ensuring performance, handling and, naturally, safety for the pilot. High Adventure makes the Rail-Check maintenance system available to any check organization. Contact

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