new! Beamer3 #170


HA flugkarabiner Staying safe in the air

Why you should replace your air sports carabiners more often.

GTO Light 2 GTO light 2

The highest expression of comfort and lightness.

Voody Valley - Wanì 3 Woody Valley Wanì 3

Improved, in all aspects

Woody Valley X-R7 safety note Safety Note Woody Valley X-Rated 7

Priority level: High

NOVA Ion 6 NOVA Ion 6

Adventure awaits

Sicherheitsmitteilung kortel Safety Note Kortel T-bone link

Priority level: Medium

Naviter Oudie 5 - Flarm/Fanet FOCA Special financing 2020

Application for special financing (FLARM subsidy) submitted

HA Beamer 3 The Beamer 3 was seen at its best

Because you want to carry on flying the task!


HA Rettungsschirmtraining Rettungsschirmtraining

Darf’s ein bisschen mehr sein?

Mentaltraining Mentaltraining

Das Mentaltraining eignet sich für Flugschüler und brevetierte Piloten

Event Oudie 5 workshop 08 Feb 2020 Workshop Naviter Oudie

08. Februar, Dallenwil – Nutze das technische Potential in der Luft

Flugreise Chile Flugreise Chile – Fliegen ohne Ende jetzt buchen!

Den Sommer in Chile mit in den Winter nehmen!


Beamer 3 - High Adventure Beamer 3 #170 – High Adventure

The legend has grown

NOVA Doubleskin NOVA Doubleskin – the official video

Minimalist hike & fly wing

NOVA Pentagon video NOVA Pentagon

Das Fünfeck mit Pendeldämpfung

ION 5 Light NOVA Ion 5 Light – the official video

Weight-reduced feel-good intermediate with excellent performance