Rescue equipment for paragliders

Beamer 3
In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes. Our Rogallo concept changed the scene for ever, and the Beamer 1 still waits, ready for action, in many harnesses. In 2010 the Beamer 2 set another benchmark for steerable reserves. Its proven concept, new features and improved qualities convincingly established the Beamer 2 in the market. The Beamer 3 builds on the best features of the Beamer 2. A completely redeveloped Beamer 3 riser system improves opening, operation and installation – the success story continues!
Beamer 3 light
Beamer 3 Light
Beamer 3 light – just the same? Similar to the Beamer 3 maybe; but different – only 1370 gm. Remember that the Beamer 2 lost a third of the weight of the original Beamer. The Beamer 3 didn’t go on the same crash diet – its advances are in the details, but customers want light, high quality reserves. Our answer: by using the latest high-tech materials we put the Beamer 3 on a drastic weight loss programme.

High Adventure & Nova Pentagon
The five-sided rescue parachute with pendular damping. The rescue parachute from the joint project of High-Adventure & NOVA is a highly innovative design. It opens exceptionally fast, descends very slowly and convinces with its marked pendular damping – even if the paraglider is still attached. NOVA uses permanently water-resistant cloth, so that it can be confidently deployed during an SIV course. The PENTAGON has been constructed in a way that potential packing errors have been minimised. Flow simulations of different designs complemented intensive practical testing. The PENTAGON is one of the safest rescue parachutes on the market.

Woody Valley Quadro
woody valley quadro
The demand for light equipment is growing, so it was time to come up with a product that meet this need.
These rescue chutes of the new generation combine all the features that a safe modern rescue device must have.