Rescue equipment for paragliders

Beamer 3
In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes. Our Rogallo concept changed the scene for ever, and the Beamer 1 still waits, ready for action, in many harnesses. In 2010 the Beamer 2 set another benchmark for steerable reserves. Its proven concept, new features and improved qualities convincingly established the Beamer 2 in the market. The Beamer 3 builds on the best features of the Beamer 2. A completely redeveloped Beamer 3 riser system improves opening, operation and installation – the success story continues!
Beamer 3 light
Beamer 3 Light
Beamer 3 light – just the same? Similar to the Beamer 3 maybe; but different – only 1370 gm. Remember that the Beamer 2 lost a third of the weight of the original Beamer. The Beamer 3 didn’t go on the same crash diet – its advances are in the details, but customers want light, high quality reserves. Our answer: by using the latest high-tech materials we put the Beamer 3 on a drastic weight loss programme.
Parachute Ultra Cross
Kreuzkappe Ultra Cross
The Ultra Cross series, our lightest hight-performance reserve represents what’s technically feasible nowadays in manufacturing rescue parachutes. With only 975g Ultra Cross 100 is an extremely light rescue system.
Turbo Stop GS
Mit dem Leicht-Retter aus dem Hause Firebird ergänzen wir unsere Palette um ein hoch innovatives Produkt. Der weltweit führende Hersteller am Markt packt in den „Turbo Stop“ Features der nächsten Notschirm-Generation.