Obtaining a Rail-Check system

Component overview

The laser console is normally supplied with the Bosch DLE 150 laser tape measure, and is produced as right or left handed versions.
The system can easily be adapted to take Leica measuring equipment, by fitting the optional adapter plate.
The console base plate is mounted on a zinc forging which slides in a channel in the sturdy extruded aluminium base bar. Lubrication-free teflon linings and a precise fit provide a mechanically stable and smooth running mounting for the console, which locates the canopy end of the relevant line.


more pictures of the laser console

At the riser end of the workbench is the laser target disk, fixed to an aluminium trolley on ball-bearing runners. This complete assembly comes mounted on a composite board – ready-prepared for fixing on your workbench.
The load from a 5kg weight is transferred to the end of the trolley by means of a line running over a pulley in a stainless steel block. Easy running pulley and runners mean that gravity always guarantees the accurate and reliable 5kg force required for line measurement. Small rods on the trolley (aligned with the target disc) locate the ends of the risers, and brake lines are held in small nylon jam cleats.
The (always-5kg-loaded, low-friction) target trolley assembly has been in full everyday use for a long time. It has proved to be the best and most convenient choice for this measuring system.


more pictures of the target trolley



The aluminium base bar is anodised in natural colour and has proved to be long term crack and corrosion free.
Grooves on the base bar surface, the sloping sides of the track and a good fit give the console good road-holding. Despite its smooth and free sliding it remains securely aligned with the track.
You can decide the length of your base bar. 6m or 3m lengths are available, but you can tailor them as you wish. They fit to your bench by means of sliding blocks.

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