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The Izi is our light-weight glove designed for mild temperatures and sunny days in the air.
An absolute high performer for all free flight sports. Made with the latest technology from selected high-tech materials, the Izi plays in the absolute top league. Thanks to its perfect fit and workmanship, it wears like a second skin and does a great job while ground handling, adjusting the straps, operating the instruments and on the bar. A technical superstar.

This thin and breathable paragliding glove is ideal for mild temperatures and sunny days in the air. Everything has been thought of during the development: best grip feeling, robust, qualitative materials and the optimal fit.
The backhand is made from a combination of softshell and digital goatskin, which is not only hard-wearing but also gives the glove a technical, cool look. The hydrophobic (water-repellent) goatskin provides an excellent grip on the palm. The pleasantly soft and breathable GORE-TEX Infinium™ lining makes the glove 100% windproof and ensures a comfortable feel. Thanks to the long cuff, the glove can be worn ideally under the jacket and offers protection for the sensitive pulse area. The Izi has touch technology on the thumb and index finger, which enables the operation of smart devices. The detachable catch strap prevents the glove from getting lost when you take it off.

6 – 6,5 – 7 – 7,5 – 8 – 8,5 – 9 – 9,5 – 10 – 10,5 – 11 – 11,5 – 12
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HA Izi

Material structure

Palm Hydrophobic goat leather
Backhand Softshell , Digital leather (goat leather)
Insert GORE-TEX Infinium™ Windstopper
Lining TT2, antibacterial
Features Ergonomic fit for at the brake handle, Touch technology, leather reinforcements, backstitched with Kevlar thread sewn, breathable, removable and wide and wide catch straps, washable at 40°C


Technologie & Material

The goat leather is used for nearly every glove which needs to be very robust and tear resistant. It can be used as shell material on the backhand or in the palm as well as reinforcement. The resistant leather not only suits for gloves for the military, police and authorities and special forces but also for ski and mountaineering gloves. Fine pored and soft goat leather can also be used for classy, beautiful leather gloves for the daily use.

For really good glove leather the skins are dyed pure anilin. This means the skin gets dyed in barrels. Due to this dying process the leather becomes highly breathable, smooth and very soft. There is also the possibility to dye leather semi-anilin (the surface will be covered with colour after dying in barrels) or to cover the leather (the leather is not dyed in barrels, the colour will be sprayed on the skins).

Digital leather
Digital leather is also goat leather which is digitally embossed. This gives the leather a nice look and a special grip.