DOUBLESKIN – Théo de Blic

The DOUBLESKIN is one of the most popular Hike & Fly paragliders: super light, extremely small to pack, uncomplicated during take-off, flight and landing. From Mid-August we will offer it in a Theo de Blic Special Edition – limited to 50 pieces and in Theo’s favourite colour combination. The limited edition will be available in the two sizes 17 (2.1kg) and 20 (2.4kg). Size 23 still only in series colours. Within the normal weight range, all sizes are EN/LTF A certified, covering a total range from 55 to 120 kg. Despite the lightweight construction, the three-liner (33 cells, aspect ratio 4.4 flat) comes with the complete, comprehensive NOVA warranty.

You can order the Limited Edition of the DOUBLESKIN 17 & 20 now. We offer this color variant for the same price as the series colors.