NOVA Ion 5 Light – the official video

Weight-reduced feel-good intermediate with excellent performance

Little weight – big performance

To the delight of many hike & fly fans, NOVA is releasing the ION 5 in a lightweight version. At 3.1 kg (size XXXS) to 4.3 kg (size L), the ION 5 Light weighs very little, but it offers all the advantages of the standard version – excellent glide, impressive climb rate, a high level of passive safety, as well as precise and agile handling. With the ION 5 Light, getting to take-off is a stroll and because of the reduced weight, launch is even easier than with the ION 5. Great news for light pilots: the XXXS weight-range starts at 50 kg! The ION 5 light is now available for test flights. You have the opportunity here.