Woody Valley Crest

With the Crest, the traditional Italian manufacturer expands its successful reversible harness range with another lightweight. The seatboard-less harness weighs just 1.98 kg in size M including backpack (detachable), carabiner, rescue container and speedbar and is suitable for students up to hike & fly experts. The Crest supports the handling of large gliders well by means of weight shift, but also offers the necessary stability for smaller surfaces. Woody Valley’s proven preload airbag system guarantees optimal impact protection from takeoff to landing. The slim backpack design with roll top in two sizes and a capacity of 55 & 70 liters covers a wide range of canopy sizes, fits close to the body and is therefore very comfortable to wear even in difficult terrain. It’s best to test sit, test carry and test fly. You will keep it! Available now in four sizes.
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