FOCA Special financing 2021

Application (FLARM subsidy)
Last year, High Adventure AG again submitted an application to the FOCA for the subsidisation of instruments with FLARM. Customers who buy an Oudie or Blade with FLARM in 2021 or have their device upgraded should receive the surcharge for the module as a gift. If the decision is positive at the end of June, the support will apply to all purchases in 2021.

Requirements and conditions
Only customers who have purchased their device through the High Adventure distribution network and who live in Switzerland will benefit from the subsidy.
Fill out the application form (PDF) and send us the completed form together with a copy of your SHV Brevet (flight licence) by e-mail.

Payment of contributions
The grant is due for payment six months after submission to the FOCA of the final statement of 15 January 2021. The earliest that any remuneration can be expected is therefore mid 2022.

Naviter Oudie 5 - Flarm/Fanet