Free hardware update

Naviter Hyper

In addition to the constant further development of the firmware, the Slovenian instrument manufacturer is providing a FREE hardware update for the Hyper.
The update includes a new housing with a protruding on/off button and the repositioning of the GPS module. This makes it easier to operate the Hyper even when wearing gloves, and the location can be determined more quickly.

Affected are all Hyper instruments sold between March 2018 and April 2019 where the on/off button is recessed in the housing (Old model). Not affected by this action are devices in which the on/off button protrudes from the housing by approx. 2 mm (New model).

For the FREE hardware update the dispatch dates of 17 November and 08 December are scheduled. Save the RMA form (PDF) on your computer and follow the instructions on the form.

Customers with Hyper from direct/parallel import should contact their dealer directly.

Naviter Hyper Hardware Update