FOCA special financing 2024

Application (FLARM subsidy)
High Adventure AG has submitted an application to the FOCA to subsidize instruments with FLARM. Customers who purchase an Oudie N Fanet+, Omni or Blade with FLARM in 2024 should receive a contribution towards the module. We assume that the federal subsidy (process still ongoing) will be around CHF 72 per device.

Terms and conditions
Only customers who have purchased their device via the High Adventure sales network and meet the requirements and conditions will benefit from the subsidy.
Fill out the application in your web browser and follow the next steps.
In addition to the serial number of your instrument, we also need the following documents from you:

• A copy of your Swiss Hang Gliding Certificate. (Please note: Copies of insurance certificates and SHV membership cards are not permitted)
• A copy of the receipt of purchase

Payment of contributions
The financial aid is due for payment six months after submission of the final invoice to the FOCA on January 15, 2025. Payment can therefore be expected in mid-2025 at the earliest.