Kortel Kuik III

The ONLY reversible harness with a cocoon and airbag!
Kortel have released the Kuik III, a modular reversible paragliding harness with an optional cocoon. It can be flown in various configurations, and Kortel say it is suitable as a first harness.
It is designed for versatility, and can be flown without the pod for newer pilots or for hike-and-fly, and with the cocoon for cross-country flying. It uses a split-leg geometry. “Light but robust” materials make it suitable for everyday flying.
A high-volume airbag offers good passive safety, and the reserve is front-mounted with bridles to the shoulders. A rigid backrest ensures comfort on longer flights. The back angle and chest strap are adjustable, and Kortel say they have worked hard on ensuring it is easy to use.
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The Kuik III is exists in four sizes S-XL with a weight without/including leg bag of 3.5/4.5 kg (size M) and is available from specialist retailers.
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